Business Forum

Striving to perform its principal objectives in an efficient and beneficial manner, the Bulgarian-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry /BHCCI/, within the framework of its activities, organizes business forums in every field of the economy. At these business forums work group meetings take place of experts on the debated subjects, in the presence of representatives of the competent institutions and of the workers in the companies operating in the specific field/s. 

Each business forum in the relevant field is organized for resolving a specific case and in the event of displayed interest on part of the interested companies, addressed to the Chairman of the Chamber. The Chairman adopts resolution for opening of the forum, and the Chamber undertakes task related to its organization, until attainment of effective solutions of the deliberated subjects.

The companies, participating in the business forum, elect a chairman of the forum. The languages of each business forum are Bulgarian and Greek. Information directed to the Chairman and members of the Chamber is published regarding each work meeting along with the results thereof.

Participation in the business forums is free of charge, with the organizers and experts providing labor on a voluntary basis. The Bulgarian-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry provides the use of its base and resources for the needs of the business forums, assuming costs approved in advance.

Working meetings of the members

The members of the Bulgarian-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry may at any time organize working meetings, by expressing desire. The minimum number of participants, for organizing a working meeting shall be 7 representatives of member companies of the Bulgarian-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

All members of the Chamber shall be informed of each forthcoming working meeting and the relevant results thereof.

The Chamber provides implicit assistance to its members and to all interested parties regarding the successful implementation of their investment projects on the territory of the two countries, by way of its commercial and industrial cooperation, observing the principles of lawfulness and following its basic principle for operating in a manner beneficial to society.

The activities of the Bulgarian-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry are oriented not only towards providing new market opportunities to its members, but the Chamber also operates for providing mutual and common investments in different business regions of Bulgaria and Greece, as well as for stimulating the investments already in existence.

The Bulgarian-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry, via its activities, applies efforts for improving the business climate in the two countries for their companies, as well as for their respective integration in the Global economy.