About us

The BULGARIAN – HELLENIC CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY /BHCCI/ is the first of its kind nonprofit organization in the history of Bulgaria providing assistance for sustainable development and improvement of the Bulgarian – Greek commercial and cultural relations on the international level.  The Chamber’s constitution resulted from both neighboring countries’ good will and cooperation and as an expression of their common aspirations towards improving the investment and cultural exchange.

The Chamber is also an expression of the will of both its members and its partners to communicate, exchange experiences and ideas with each other, to develop bilateral economic and trade relations between Bulgarian and Greek investors.

Stimulating first and foremost the economic, commercial, industrial, and financial relations primarily between Bulgaria and Greece, the Bulgarian – Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry /BHCCI/ also supports and develops the relations between investors and third countries, as well as between the international communities.

The BHCCI facilitates the professional activities of its members and defends the professional discipline and ethics, strengthening the trust in their relations, as well as between its members and society, providing them with the possibility for active and informed participation in the economic life of the country of their investments.