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Dobroslavtsi Economic Zone

Dobroslavtsi is a village in western Bulgaria, part of the Novi Iskar District of Sofia Municipality, Sofia Province. Its population is about 1000 people. Local legend connects the foundation of the village and the etymology of its name with the settlement of Dubrovnik merchants in our lands. If it is assumed that there is a certain amount of truth in the “Dubrovnik theory”, it follows that Dobroslavtsi was founded in the period from the end of the 13th or the beginning of the 15th century. The founder of the village, be he a Dubrovnik merchant or some local boyar, gave the name to Dobroslavtsi (from Dobroslav). The remains found testify that life has been flourishing here since ancient times. The smoothed and processed stone tools found in the Mogilka area (about 2 km north of the village) date back to the Neolithic period (VI – IV millennium BC) and indicate the presence of a settlement. The stone tools can be seen in the Ethnographic Museum at the Probuda-1921 Community Center – Dobroslavtsi.
The ancient historian Thucydides reports three Thracian tribes that inhabited the lands north of Vitosha in the 2nd and 1st millennium BC. One of them were the Serds who founded Serdica (Sredets, Sofia) in the 6th century BC. Remains of the culture of the ancient Thracians were the two mounds on the road Dobroslavtsi – Kumaritsa, which existed until 1944. During the Cold War, an Air Force base was located near the village, used for regular training flights. The air base in Dobroslavtsi was closed in 2003, and the remaining after its closure about 300 hectares of state land were not used for decades. In 2009, the government announced plans by Middle Eastern investors to build on them a Formula 1 track, but the project was not implemented. In 2023, the caretaker government plans to use the terrains of the National Company “Industrial Zones” for the creation of an industrial zone aimed at the production of parts and accessories for cars.
The lands of the village of Dobroslavtsi are fertile and favorable for growing corn, sunflower, wheat and alfalfa for fodder, but most areas are used for pasture of cows and goats. A factory of the company “Bioprograma”, producer of herbal teas, is the largest business in the village. There are warehouses of the mayonnaise factory “Krassi”, as well as a warehouse of mineral waters “Hissar from spring No7”. There is also a base for the production of furniture of the company “Neoset”. Also a workshop for the production of detergents, a workshop for the production of window frames. In the village grow vineyards, which in small quantities can be seen in most yards.
“Economic Zone Dobroslavtsi ” EAD is a trading company with sole owner of the capital “National Company Industrial Zones” EAD. The company designs, develops and manages the territory of Dobroslavtsi Economic Zone.
Economic Zone Dobroslavtsi supports the development of a key location for business (Dobroslavtsi) by building excellent infrastructure on the territory of the zone with convenient transport connections, creating favorable conditions for investors and assisting in the implementation of projects. Economic Zone Dobroslavtsi is a project for the formation and development of an economic zone with an outlined focus on automotive and related industries and offers industrial terrains and production and storage facilities in the zone. With its territory of almost 3000 decares, EZD has the opportunity to meet the needs of investors from medium to large scale. Through its activities aimed at building a modern industrial park and attracting foreign investors, EZD actively cooperates with the relevant state institutions, non-governmental organizations and business associations. EZD offers a key strategic location, fully developed infrastructure (roads, electricity, water supply and sewerage, gasification, telecommunications, railway infrastructure), the opportunity to provide special incentive measures by the Bulgarian Investment Agency, assistance and advice regarding all administrative procedures.