Money show Thessaloniki

The Bulgarian-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry presented for the first time its members at the business and economic forum “Money Show” in Thessaloniki, held 09-11.02.2024, at the invitation of the organizers of the forum the Italian-Hellenic Chamber of Thessaloniki /Ελληνοϊταλικό Εμπορικό Επιμελητήριο Θεσσαλονίκης/ and the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry /ΕΒΕΘ/. For the first time, Bulgarian companies were represented at this important forum. At the stand of the Bulgarian-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry during the three days of the forum at the Hyatt Regency Hotel were presented the hundreds of members of the association in a specially published booklet in Greek and English, as well as the individual brochures of the members. BHCCI, as always at any event, gave its members the opportunity to present their own businesses personally. On February 10, 2024, Saturday, at the Hyatt Hotel Thessaloniki, within the 32nd edition of the economic forum “Money Show” was held the lunch event from 13:00 to 15:00 of the Bulgarian-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry /BHCCI/. The main sponsors of the event were “Mad Properties”, Petrich, “MG Group”, Petrich and “Union Balkans Business”, Sofia. The hall was full, over 140 people according to the registrations on the spot – official guests from Bulgaria and Greece, members of the Chamber. Moderator of the event was the journalist from Radio “Thessaloniki” and the newspaper “Macedonia” Mr. Dimitrios Diamantidis. The translation from and into Greek and Bulgarian was done by Mrs. Evgenia Komarova. For the first time in the history of the forum “Money Show” in Greece attended official guests from Bulgaria and for the first time for the gala dinner on Saturday, which has strictly defined places and invited up to 200 people, were given to an organization – ours – 2 pcs. guest rotundas. In this regard, BHCCI caused a real sensation among the organizers and participants of the forum with its activity and received support from its members and partners. Dozens of members, friends and partners of BHCCI from the two countries traveled hundreds of kilometers to gather and exchange contacts, ideas and proposals for cooperation on that day. In the event of BHCCI as official speakers took part:

• Mr. Christos Sarandopoulos — Second Deputy President of the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry and President of the Italian-Hellenic Chamber of Thessaloniki,
• Mr. Dimitrios Michas – Minister Plenipotentiary for Economic and Trade Affairs to the Embassy of Greece in Bulgaria,
• Mr. Anton Markov – Consul General of the Republic of Bulgaria, at the Consulate General of Bulgaria in Thessaloniki,
• Mr. Savvas Karafyllidis – Chairman of BHCCI,
• Mr. Vladimir Tomov – Chairman of the Investment Council at BCCI,
• Mr. Andreas Beikos – Member of the Investment Council, former banker of the European Investment Bank,
• Mr. Solomon Moscona – Manager of Industrial Park, Sliven,
• Mrs. Denitsa Mengova – Sales Director of “Stil Laser Bulgaria” – official representation of industrial machines for Bulgaria and “Mengov Metal 1” – metalworking factory,
• Mrs. Stefka Mancheva – Centralna Himicheska Laboratoria Ltd. – analysis of mineral insulation oils, CERB GROUP EAD,
• Mr. Petko Borisov – CEO of “Max Coworking Office Spaces,” Sofia,
• Mrs. Elena Stambolieva – Manager of “Mad Properties”, Petrich,
• Mr. Christian Mihaylov – Deputy Chairman of the Professional Association of Robotics, Automation and Innovation (PARAi)

Article about the participation of the BHCCI at the Money Show forum, 09-11.02.2024,
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